CUTEBEE DIY Book Nook Kit (Butterfly of the Unknow Lands)

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dedicated to bringing poetry and faraway places home,

becoming a friend connecting reality and dreams,

making Book Nook  a participant in your good life!

A tiny and peaceful path leads to a spot that is practically forgotten,Butterfly of Unknown Lands.


The strewn books and diverse images appear to reveal human footprints, lending an ancient and mysterious ambiance as well as undiscovered secrets.

Beautiful butterflies flutter in the sky, while a variety of plants flourish. 

Every corner is showing its beautiful scenery and everything is so wonderful.


— Name:Butterfly of the Unknow Lands
— SKU:BK01
— Recommended Age: Over 14
— Assembly Time: 2-3 days
— Finish Size:21.5×18×16cm
— Weight: 1.1kg
— Detailed colored instructions in English.

💐 Tips 💐

  • Glue and batteries are NOT included because they are not permitted to ship by air transportation,so please prepare it by yourself. You can choose silicone liquid glue and 2 pcs batteries (type AAA).
  • The BOOK NOOK kit which need to DIY, Grinding, bonding, assembly, modelling to finish building your own kit.
  • If you have any questions, please contact CUTEBEE, we will try our best to help you.


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  2. Distinguish from accessories: (genuine products are laser cut, and paper accessories and other accessories are complete.; fake accessories cannot be deducted, they are printed pictures, and cannot be DIYed; high-defense genuine fakes, no paper accessories and battery box is wrong.)
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