CUTEBEE DIY Book Nook Kit (Train Mystery)

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Train Mystery

On a cold winter night in 1934, the legendary Express No. 221, bound for Poland, becomes the scene of a mysterious murder. The death of the red-haired man leaves an unsolvable puzzle, and the various characters on the train, including a British detective, a red-haired woman, a butler, a mysterious old man, and a veteran who claims to have been wronged, all carry hidden secrets. As the train continues its journey, their lies gradually surface, revealing a complex web of the past. In this suspenseful night journey, determining the true culprit becomes an unpredictable challenge. This is a story filled with emotions, lies, and revenge, exploring the deep facets of human nature.


"Veteran Soldier Who Suddenly Became Mentally Ill and Killed His Daughter Has Been Arrested"

On October 27, 1934, a major incident occurred on the legendary train from Paris to Poland during a heavy snowfall.

Character introduction

British detective

He constantly roams the carriage, observing everything in his unique way. It seems his gaze always penetrates the surface to see deeper layers.

Character introduction

The deceased

A mysterious figure in the carriage, dressed in a refined suit, his red hair symbolizing the enigma that surrounds him. The indifferent gaze seems to hide a depth of untold stories, each step being steady yet slightly cunning. His presence is like an undercurrent, quietly stirring the calmness of the entire train.

Character introduction

Red-haired woman

Lavishly dressed, outwardly radiant. However, her eyes seem to conceal some unspeakable secrets. Her concern for the red-haired man appears to transcend ordinary friendship.

Character introduction


The conductor, silent yet shrewd, clad in a neat uniform with eyes that gleam with extraordinary perceptiveness. He appears to be acquainted with every nook of the train; however, his own past and true motives remain concealed behind those profound eyes.

Character introduction

White-haired old man

This elderly gentleman, shadows of the past seem to continually entwine him. His reactions to people and things in the compartment imply more than just the oppressive weather.

Character introduction


Polite and courteous, yet his anxious and eager expressions in conversation suggest he might have intricate connections to the case. Is he merely a butler?

Screams break the silence

In the evening, the steward asked the conductor to bring dinner to room b221. The conductor carefully carried the delicious food through the exquisite luxury carriages and arrived at the door of the room. The door to the room swings slightly and seems to reveal some eerie atmosphere. The conductor noticed the wine stains on the floor, probably spilled accidentally by the butler. He knocked lightly on the door of the room, but received no response. To confirm the situation, the conductor carefully pushes open the door of the room... In an instant, a scream breaks the silence of the room.

Scene of the crime

The room was the carriage of the deceased in the crime. The bed, the deceased head towards the outside of the carriage, the bed placed a delicate revolver and a short sword, the strange thing is that although the body of the deceased does not exist bullet holes, while he lies covered with three bullet holes distributed on the surface of the bed, blood spatter should come from the short sword stab wounds. And the surrounding mess is out of place, is a pair of leather shoes and a delicate small wooden box placed neatly under the bed.

Broken windows & hanging hooks

A roof skylight is broken out of a car window and there is an iron hook with a rope wrapped around the end of it. This scene echoes the man walking on the roof of the car on the right cover.

Gloves on the nightstand.

There was a glove on the bedside table, and it was known from the detective's interrogation that the glove had come from the housekeeper.

The bed at the crime scene.

A revolver and a short sword lay on the bed, but there were no bullet holes in the dead man's body, and under the bed lay a pair of neat leather shoes and a small, delicate wooden box.

Cluttered desk & scattered items

Room chaos reveals hasty crime in cramped space: overturned chair, open suitcase, scattered files, and spilled wine. The woman's forgotten purse adds intrigue.

Suspects gethered on one room

Dtective Rose gethered the suspects onto one room to uncover the truth. Who is the murderer?

Have you found the muderer?

Four people are deeply connected with the deceased, so many clues interweaved together, got him, don't ​let the the real murderer be at large. Read more, to find out that wether your inference is right or not.

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Product Details

Liquor cabinet

A wine cooler inlaid with dark green marble and carved metal cladding is said to have been a gift from the Chief of Police after the last big London case was swiftly solved. But is it really just a wine cooler?

Office Desk

Two eagles fly in from a mysterious portal, a ghost from another world is reading a book, and a wizard accepts a letter from an owl.


In the vintage European office, the detective's bookshelves display treasures: pipes, apothecary cases, filing cabinets, radios, glazed horses, and cameras that often forget their film.

Rose Clock

It's a well-known fact that clocks associated with detectives are not as simple as they seem.
The face of this clock slides down so that the key to the safe in the liquor cabinet underneath is revealed, and don't say I told you so.

Added Dust Cover

  • Kepp it clean
  • Pull- Out

Note: Peel off the double sided protective film.

Warm Touch Switch

The light lights up the life becomes a harbor

Note: Due to customs policy, glue and battery may not be included in the package.

  • Snap structure - reduce the use of glue, Protecting the environment
  • Fun Craft--The process of putting together is a very healthy way to relax and relieve your stress.
  • Premium wood and quality
  • Step-by-step diagrams and instructions in English
  • An beautiful decoration and collection

Packet Include

  • Battery box and wires
  • Instruction manual
  • Paper accessories
  • 383 components


  • The product requires 2 pieces of AAA batteries.
  • Due to customs policy, glue and battery may not be included in the package.


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Cutebee booknook kit can help develop child’s vocabulary and increase his/her understanding about labeling, sentence structure, spatial visualization, balance, symmetry, and even weight, height and gravity!

Notes: Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.

Why should young people have this?

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. We can become stressed by various things — work, relationships, school, finances, illness, natural disasters, or dealing with the death of a loved one — all of which can make you feel frazzled and overwhelmed. 
Now, immerse yourself in the magical world, temporarily forget all your troubles, and calm down to enjoy the process of creating a magical world

Why should elderly people have this?

Hours of quality time can be spent with your loved one helping them to build things with Cutebee. This can also bring back memories of their childhood. Memories of childhood times and toys can bring a smile to anyone’s face.Cuteebee booknook kits can help those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other cognitive deficiencies. Identifying various colors, shapes and sizes can be very constructive.Cuteebee booknook kits can help with strengthening motor skills. Larger blocks may be more useful for seniors with arthritic hands.

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