CUTEBEE DIY Book Nook Kit (Mole's Apartment)

New upgrade, the product comes with a dust cover and does not need to be purchased separately.

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Assembly Time




Difficulty Level


Assembled Size

H:10.5in W4.3in D:7.1in

Mole's Apartment

Step into this tiny world and you'll be swept away by the joy of the Mole House. Each floor reflects unique creativity, and every corner is adorned with vibrant décor. Here, moles and other small animals live together, play together, and enjoy delicious meals together. Every tiny detail of this tiny world tells a joyful story and creates a happy atmosphere in the home.


Little Critter's Fantastic Tree Hole Journey

Mole and Fox climb up Toast Mountain, where soft toast is in front of them and they share food dreams and stories.
Hare, Squirrel and Turtle travel to Cream Falls, where the lake is sweet, creamy water, and they enjoy it as if they were in heaven.
The animals have a great time exploring this delicious world together. This food adventure will stay in their hearts forever.


Gathering Feast: A Good Time for Critters

On a sunny day, little animals met to collect fresh berries and honey. They filled their baskets and gathered on the lawn. Some played music, while others danced and enjoyed the fruits of their labor. The lawn became a haven for their joyful reunion. It was a wonderful day.

Front and back

Enchanting Ambiance

The backdrop, featuring branches, grass, butterflies, bees, and books, exudes a relaxed ambiance, seamlessly merging the beauty of nature with the joy of reading.

The door frame, embellished with mushrooms, flowers, plant roots, and pine cones, immerses you in the cozy ambiance of a mole's underground dwelling, where the secrets of nature unfold.


Mole holds a gorgeous dancing party for cuties, cuties aredancing on the forest happily, all of the forest is under theatmosphere ofhappiness.

Stone Road

The mound

Post box


Downward along with the vine to enter the unique world in Mole's Apartment, in such lovely bedroom, a mole is wearing his top hat and dressing himself for the dancing party.

The colorful ball

Lamp and books

Photos of cuties

Delicious Food Party

Downward along with the vine again is the food world where cuties are preparing a delicious journey to enjoy and share the foods and happy time.

Cooking bench

Dining table




There is a little wooden door on the end of the corridor of the first floor,and there is a pair of galoshes on the doorway ,whose home will the door leads to ? lt will leads you to more cozy residences of cuties and to reveal more splendid stories.

Handicraft of cuties

Wood cabinet

Various collections

Advantages of our products

Unique Design:

  • Socket wiring: concealed wiring, does not affect the beauty
  • Falcon mou snap: snap assembly, less glue use, better protection of the environment
  • Color manual: 3D three-dimensional tips instructions, so that the assembly is easier

New upgraded design: dust cover

The new dust sheet using slot insert design, installation only need to align the dust sheet to the slot, slowly insert the dust sheet to the bottom of the book stand can be fast and convenient will not damage the parts.

New LED light touch switch

Boring booksheleves make you dult. Let new elements surprise the eyes with beauty.

Packet Include

  • Battery box and wires
  • Instruction manual
  • Paper accessories
  • 253 components


  • The product requires 2 pieces of AAA batteries.
  • Due to customs policy, glue and battery may not be included in the package.


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original design

100% Safety



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In this ever-changing world, put your heart and soul into meticulously assembling a gift of eternal love and trust for your family, friends, and yourself.

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Why should kids have this?

Cutebee booknook kit can help develop child’s vocabulary and increase his/her understanding about labeling, sentence structure, spatial visualization, balance, symmetry, and even weight, height and gravity!

Notes: Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.

Why should young people have this?

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. We can become stressed by various things — work, relationships, school, finances, illness, natural disasters, or dealing with the death of a loved one — all of which can make you feel frazzled and overwhelmed. 
Now, immerse yourself in the magical world, temporarily forget all your troubles, and calm down to enjoy the process of creating a magical world

Why should elderly people have this?

Hours of quality time can be spent with your loved one helping them to build things with Cutebee. This can also bring back memories of their childhood. Memories of childhood times and toys can bring a smile to anyone’s face.Cuteebee booknook kits can help those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other cognitive deficiencies. Identifying various colors, shapes and sizes can be very constructive.Cuteebee booknook kits can help with strengthening motor skills. Larger blocks may be more useful for seniors with arthritic hands.

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