Qianhaishiyou International Trade Co., Ltd.

was established, and the product brand--CUTEBEE has been created.🎉

The founder of the company called the DIY cabin designers in the DIY hut of love and dreams, to share the fine miniature scenes to more people together.

This website is the official website of CUTEBEE. Our company is the owner of the brand trademark of CUTEBEE. The brand trademark has been registered in many countries such as the United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. The information of the brand owner can be found on the website of the trademark office of each country. For those who violate our company's brand interests and impersonate our company to embezzle the CUTEBEE brand, we will pursue it to the end.❗❗❗

In April 2022, in order to meet the brand strategy upgrade and development needs, strengthen the brand advantage, make the brand more recognizable and more competitive in the market!
Our brand has officially started to use the new LOGO logo. All online platforms will gradually replace the new LOGO avatars, and the product packaging will also be updated to the new LOGO. During this period, the old and new LOGO have the same brand effect.🎉🎉

CUTEBEE strictly control product quality, high-quality materials and artistic inspiration into a unique style, the products are exported to the world.All pictures 100% real real shot, so that consumers are more at ease. Love hand-made, love life CUTEBEE, not just DIY hut, Share the warmth of hand-made is the soul of CUTEBEE.✨

We want every piece of work, not just a fine commodity. It is a place to put dreams and love.💕


Business Cooperation

1. Wholesale and drop shipping cooperation:

Please consult our customer service email: cutebee0708@hotmail.com, you can get a quotation table, and there are discounts for wholesale samples!

2. Internet celebrity cooperation:

If you are an Internet celebrity in social media such as Facebook, Tiktok, Insagram, Youtube, you are very interested in our products and want to cooperate with us, please contact our email: cutebee0708@hotmail.com.


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