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Fantastic Animal Common Room

The Fantastic Animal Common Room is a fantastical space that takes time and effort to find, inhabited by ten rare magical creatures, each with their own character and story. Not only can you play with them here (although sometimes they don't pay any attention to you), but you can also learn about the inscrutable magic of plants, as well as learn about the life of a legendary mage ......

Choose your lucky animal

There are ten fantastic animals in the common room, all of the animals have different characteristics and color. And there is a turnplate on the top of the book nook, like the astrolabe, you can rotate it to choose a fantastic animal as your lucky animal!

Cabinet Beast

Character: Indifferent and ruthless
Characteristic: It behind the snack cabinet, it will eat you while you try to steal the snacks on the cabinet (don't worry, it unable to digest you, just let you tour in its stomach)

"It is said that all of the people who have entered its stomach will lost their memory, but they say this experience is wonderful and want to try agian."

Sofa Octopus

Character: Quiet and steady
Characteristic: A octopus that like reading books and taking hot spring bath, always go to the hot spring to seek quiet due to it is annoyed by the noise from other animals.

"It is so soft when you sit on it, and it can unexpectedly read the books steadily as an octopus."

Seductive Box

Character: Greedy and conceited
Characteristic: It always uses all of the methods to seduce others to open itself, then it will eat them immediately, but don't worry, it just eats your cloth and spits people out

"Look! My new bought skirt!"
"Wow! It is so beautiful!"
"Oh no, my new skirt was ate by that box!"

Rainbow Kettle

Character: cheerful and lively
Characteristic: The rainbow will be released from the mouth the the kettle once it was heated to 100 degree centigrade, no matter what fills the kettle

"Everyone will look at to this kettle simultaneously when someone ask that why it is always fine day here."

Flame Bird

Character: Lonely and proud
Characteristic: Look down upon all other fantastic animals, like fly to the volcanic vent to drink magma

"Someday dark all round, the volcano going to erupt, everyone is feared, while a origin bird fly to the volcanic vent, and there is a sound that like the coffe is drunk out."

Feathered Snake

Character: Prudent and bellicose
Characteristic: No one can dare to see the eyes of it, becuase it will be irritated, no matter how remote you run away, it will catch you! And no poison can injure it (include poisonous mushroom)

“Do you know it has a pair of blue eyes?”
“Really? Let me see!”
“It is green in effect......Oh no! Help!”

Greedy Beast

Character: Greedy
Characteristic: It is not a duck, it just in the disguise of a duck to get sympathy. He actually is the jewel thief "gold eater", a infamous robber who always can escape with the jewel full of his stomach, of course it will use bag while suffer from diarrhoea

"You think it is a duck, but, I have saw it takes the cup to deink by its hand under the wings secretly."

Blue Scarf-Monster

Character: Gluttonous (like to eat cake mushroom)
Characteristic: With blue body (the color of its neck is unknown, no one saw what its neck like without scarf)

"It ate the poisonous mushroom carelesssly once, ate all of the poisonous mushroom in the room, no one knows if it goes mad due to poisoning or just the poisonous mushroom is delicious."

Lantern Grandpa

Character: Amiable
Characteristic: Like to drink wine (although it should not drink wine as the gatekeeper of the gateway), it is dizzy all the day, the key of the gate is on his brain

"It is said that it will give you what you need when it got drunk, maybe it will give the key to you if you give it the enough wine, why not have a try?"

Magic Rhinoceros

Character: Honest and kind
Characteristic: One of five mythical creatures, it can hold up something that ten thousand times heavier than itself, it is the mount of epic wizard. Moreover, there is a mysterious power hides on its horn, and always have flame on it

"I will always trust Magic Rhinoceros even though the world is full of lie."

The Cabinet Beast is waiting a good chance, which is when you steal the snacks.

The Cabinet Beast waits, indifferent and ruthless, behind the snack cabinet. It strikes when you steal the snacks, swallowing you whole. While unable to digest you, it offers a stomach tour that erases your memory. Oddly, those who experience it describe the journey as wonderful and are eager to try again.

The Feathered Snake finds that you are staring at its eye

The feathered snake curled up behind the portrait, it got irritated because you looked at its eyes, run! Escape from there, it will catch you......

The Flame Bird is guarding the gateway of flame

The Flame Bird likes to drink magma, almost all of the volcanoes have been drunk up, so it must guard the flame gate, in case of some one steal the fresh magma.

What worms its way into the warp gate? It turns out to be the Greedy Beast!

In the warp gate's twist of time and space, a seemingly cute duck suddenly appears. But it's not your average duck; it emits an eerie vibe, piquing everyone's curiosity. Turns out, it's no duck at all but a disguise for a notorious jewel thief known as the "Gold Eater". This cunning criminal hides behind the innocent appearance of a duck while secretly hoarding gems in its belly. With each twist and turn, this duck reveals a thrilling tale of adventure and mystery, shrouded in legend.

Lantern Grandpa has always guarded the warp gate, but nobody knows for how long.

At the warp gate stands Lantern Grandpa, a jovial yet enigmatic guardian. Nobody knows how long he's been there, but one thing's certain – he loves his wine, despite his duty. With a perpetually tipsy state, the key to the gate is rumored to be in his drunken mind. They say he'll grant your wish if you give him enough wine. Who knows? Maybe he'll even hand over the key. Worth a shot, right?

The Seductive Box is eating a robe of the college. Who is playing the chess with the purple-headed student?

The orange-headed student likes to study the magic of plant by the attic, but let the plant knocked out a hole of the window once.

The potrait of epic wizard is hanged on the fireplace on the mid of the room, the Rainbow Kettle likes to near it so much!

The Magic Rhinoceros is showering when you open the door of shower room! Run! it seems that it is annoyed and we has been found by it!

  • Premium wood and quality
  • Step-by-step diagrams and instructions in English
  • An beautiful decoration and collection
  • Falcon Mou snap - reduce the use of glue, Protecting the environment
  • Fun Craft--The process of putting together is a very healthy way to relax and relieve your stress.

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Added Dust Cover

  • Kepp it clean
  • Pull- Out

Note: Peel off the double sided protective film.

Warm Touch Switch

The light lights up the life becomes a harbor

Note: Due to customs policy, glue and battery may not be included in the package.

Packet Include

  • 307components
  • Battery box and wires
  • Instruction manual
  • Paper accessories
  • Dust cover


  • The product requires 2 pieces of AAA batteries.
  • Due to customs policy, glue and battery may not be included in the package.


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Cutebee booknook kit can help develop child’s vocabulary and increase his/her understanding about labeling, sentence structure, spatial visualization, balance, symmetry, and even weight, height and gravity!

Notes: Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.

Why should young people have this?

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. We can become stressed by various things — work, relationships, school, finances, illness, natural disasters, or dealing with the death of a loved one — all of which can make you feel frazzled and overwhelmed. 
Now, immerse yourself in the magical world, temporarily forget all your troubles, and calm down to enjoy the process of creating a magical world

Why should elderly people have this?

Hours of quality time can be spent with your loved one helping them to build things with Cutebee. This can also bring back memories of their childhood. Memories of childhood times and toys can bring a smile to anyone’s face.Cuteebee booknook kits can help those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other cognitive deficiencies. Identifying various colors, shapes and sizes can be very constructive.Cuteebee booknook kits can help with strengthening motor skills. Larger blocks may be more useful for seniors with arthritic hands.

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