CUTEBEE DIY Book Nook Kit(Bookshop Memories)

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Assembly Time




Difficulty Level

Assembled Size

H:6.7in W3.7in L:4.5in

Bookshop Memories

Bookshop Memories, aims to create a unique vintage reading space for each visitor, leading them through the doors of time and into the mysterious interior of the bookshop. This design incorporates classically ornate details to provide a stunning experience that blends history, culture and fantastical elements.

The Gates of Time

Tucked away on a city street corner, this mysterious bookshop is ordinary on the outside but has a vintage vibe on the inside. The shelves are filled with antique books and classic literature, and each book is the beginning of a story. The picturesque snowy landscape outside the window makes you dream. This may have been a place where writers splashed their ink and love blossomed, or a place for anonymous readers to confide in. In this mysterious space, time seems to become slow and beautiful, bringing pleasure and peace, and allowing one to feel unique emotions.

Reading area

Window sill area

Bookcase area

  • Premium wood and quality
  • Step-by-step diagrams and instructions in English
  • An beautiful decoration and collection
  • Falcon Mou snap - reduce the use of glue, Protecting the environment
  • Fun Craft--The process of putting together is a very healthy way to relax and relieve your stress.

Advantages of our products

Openable door

  • Dust-proof door
  • Kepp it clean
  • Pull- Out

Note: Peel off the double sided protective film.

Warm Touch Switch

The light lights up the life becomes a harbor

Note: Due to customs policy, glue and battery may not be included in the package.

Packet Include

  • 137components
  • Battery box and wires
  • Instruction manual
  • Paper accessories
  • Dust cover


  • The product requires 2 pieces of AAA batteries.
  • Due to customs policy, glue and battery may not be included in the package.


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In this ever-changing world, put your heart and soul into meticulously assembling a gift of eternal love and trust for your family, friends, and yourself.

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Why should kids have this?

Cutebee booknook kit can help develop child’s vocabulary and increase his/her understanding about labeling, sentence structure, spatial visualization, balance, symmetry, and even weight, height and gravity!

Notes: Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.

Why should young people have this?

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. We can become stressed by various things — work, relationships, school, finances, illness, natural disasters, or dealing with the death of a loved one — all of which can make you feel frazzled and overwhelmed. 
Now, immerse yourself in the magical world, temporarily forget all your troubles, and calm down to enjoy the process of creating a magical world

Why should elderly people have this?

Hours of quality time can be spent with your loved one helping them to build things with Cutebee. This can also bring back memories of their childhood. Memories of childhood times and toys can bring a smile to anyone’s face.Cuteebee booknook kits can help those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other cognitive deficiencies. Identifying various colors, shapes and sizes can be very constructive.Cuteebee booknook kits can help with strengthening motor skills. Larger blocks may be more useful for seniors with arthritic hands.

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